Mounting a WebDav Share on Linux (CentOS 7)

I recently created a STACK account with 2TB space in there and wanted to push some files from my server in there.
STACK is a service based on OwnCloud by a dutch company called TransIP.
Currently the only annoyance i have with it is that you cannot share files with other users within STACK.
Since that is not a big issue for me i dropped my personal OwnCloud installation in favor of this.

Now i could of course copy them from my server to my desktop and then on to STACK, but I’d prefer a more direct method.
Just like OwnCloud STACK supports WebDav and i figured i could probably mount it in some way.

First i had to install the davfs package:
sudo yum install davfs2

Now I could now create a directory to mount my Share in (in my case is was obvious to call it stack).
sudo mkdir /mnt/stack

and mount the webdav url with the mount.davfs command (add /remote.php/webdav at the end).
sudo mount.davfs https://[name] /mnt/stack

provide the command with a username and password:
Please enter the username to authenticate with server
https://[name] or hit enter for none.
Username: [my_user_name]
Please enter the password to authenticate user [my_user_name] with server
https://[name] hit enter for none.
mount.davfs: warning: the server does not support locks

and i could now access my stack share and copy files to it.